Harley Gittleman composes music from a global perspective. He has been fortunate to have traveled to many of the places that have influenced his writing in both style and genre. Harley enjoys sharing his joy of writing music to those who wish to expand their musical boundaries and as a gateway towards a broader understanding of world culture, and in doing so, recognize our universal similarities. 

Harley's understanding of music comes from a unique place; he has what is known as Synesthesia. Synesthesia literally means "joined perception." Synesthesia can involve any of the senses where one sensory reaction triggers another, which in Harley's case is sound to color, as well color to sound. He has been aware of this condition since early childhood and it has shaped his perceptions, both internal and external. Thus, Harley literally paints his music through this involuntary association to sound and color. Harley has participated in several university experiments towards the understanding of synesthesia from a composer's point of view and has provided demonstrations of these sound to color correlations to neuroscientists. 

Harley has won several international songwriting awards for his efforts, including Song of the, USA Songwriting contest and the John Lennon Songwriting contest. His fans have said that Harley utilizes harmonies in new and interesting ways that ultimately provide an enchanting listening experience with lots of ear candy.  He has also orchestrated the music of songwriters whom have brought him their scratch tracks. 

As a professional jazz trumpet player, Harley is truly in his element when he improvises in jam sessions. However, his compositions incorporate musical genres from around the world. Enjoy!

The heart emitting waves of light.

The heart emitting waves of light.